Hello guys,

I am delighted to announce that Concept Clear is going to organize its first QUIZ competition here.


1) There will be two rounds

  • Evaluation round – Top 5 candidates are selected
  • Qualifier Round

2) Candidates were topped based on

  • Correct answer and
  • Submission time

3) There will be ten questions in both the rounds. For every correct answer, you will be getting the point. Each question will be given a time of 15 sec, totally 250 sec for ten questions.

  • Evaluation round – Cardiovascular drugs (ACE-I, Fibrinolytic drugs, oral anticoagulant drugs, Anti platelet drugs, Diuretics, Beta-blockers, and CCB)
  • Qualifier round – Drugs acting on
    a) GI system
    b) Genito renal system
    c) Endocrine system
    d) Immune system
    e) Respiratory system
Dates and time
  • Evaluation round – 20/7/19, 8.00 PM
  • Qualifier round – 21/7/19, 12.00 PM

A link will be shared on time in our secret whatsapp group, through which quiz starts


Year 3,4 and 5 MBBS, BDS, BSc Nursing, Pharm D and B.Pharm Students


The Top contestant will be awarded

  • Grammarly and Scribd premium accounts (costing $170)
  • Concept Clear Patreon membership
  • Nearbuy KFC Meal
List of Participants

participants list

Evaluation Round (on 20/07/19)

Top 5 Participants (Pharm.D Students)

  1. Geethika
  2. Anitha alapati
  3. Sunitha 
  4. Harika
  5. Kushal
Qualifier Round (on 21/07/19)

quiz winner

  1. Geethika Rayapati (Winner) – III Pharm.D
  2. Harika Chowdary Paritala
  3. Kushal Gunturu
  4. Sunitha 
  5. Anitha Alapatii

I congrats Geethika Rayapati for her fabulous victory. It’s my pleasure to conduct quiz to all my buddies. I am so glad that you all gave me that position. I always feel the aim of anyone’s life is pushing your limitations which make you stand unique. Well-done guys.

Thank you

Concept Clear

[Stay Tune for the Next Quiz]