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Is this your first rotation in Medicine?

Are you a new third year medical student?

Do you have no idea where to begin studying ?

Is there an examination at the end of the rotation that determines your grade?

You are not alone….

This is the first educational device specifically designed for new third and fourth year students to guide them through what they are expected to know on a daily basis on their medicine rotation

7/10 surveyed 3rd year medical students say they don’t know what to study for the Internal Medicine Clerkship Exam? (Sonpal et al 2014)

Do the NBME and COMSAE shelf exams for Internal Medicine have you stressed out?

Then you need Top Shelf Internal Medicine. The Most High Yield Course available targeting the NBME and COMSAE shelf exams for 3rd year MS and OMS students.


01. General Internal Medicine

02. Cardiology

03. Dermatology

04. Endocrinology

05. Gastroenterology

06. Infectious Diseases

07. Nephrology

08. Neurology

09. Pulmonology

10. Rheumatology

11. Statistics, Preventative medicine, Ethics