1. A Caring Approach in Nursing Administration, 1st Edition

Author(s): Jan J. Nyberg

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

Year: 2010

2. CMSA Core Curriculum for Case Management, 2nd Edition

Author(s): Suzanne K. Powell RN BSN CCM, Hussein A. Tahan DNSc RN CNA

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Year: 2007

3. Leadership and management- A 3-dimensional approach

Author(s): Elaine McNichol; Susan Hamer

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Year: 2007

4. Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing- Theory and Application , 7th Edition

Author(s): Bessie L. Marquis, Carol J. Huston

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Year: 2011

5. Managing Your Practice- A Guide for Advanced Practice Nurses, 1st Edition

Author(s): Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, Ann Glasgow, Jane Young

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

Year: 2003

6. Nursing Home Administration- 5th Edition

Author(s): James E. Allen

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

Year: 2007

7. Nursing Leadership and Management for Patient Safety and Quality Care, 1st Edition

Author(s):  Elizabeth Murray PhD RN CNE

Publisher: F.A. Davis Company

Year: 2017


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