Introducing Clinical Talks

The Concept of Clinical Talks is to discuss about clinical information. Out of which the first part is Clinical Case study discussion

Here’s the monthly plan of Clinical Talks- Case Study Discussions

Day-1 Adverse Effects
Day-2 Antidotes
Day-3 Blood tests
Day-4 Cardiology
Day-5 Dermatology
Day-6 Drug Interactions
Day-7 Drug Monitoring
Day-8 Endocrine
Day-9 Epidemiology and Statistics
Day-10 Gastroenterology
Day-11 Gynecology
Day-12 Hematology-Oncology
Day-13 Infectious Diseases
Day-14 IV Fluids
Day-15 Mechanism of Action
Day-16 Medicine administration
Day-17 Nephrology
Day-18 Neurology
Day-19 Obstetrics
Day-20 Pediatrics
Day-21 Poisoning
Day-22 Psychiatry
Day-23 Pulmonology
Day-24 Rheumatology
Day-25 Surgery-General
Day-26 Surgery Subspecialty
Day-27 Surgery Trauma
Day-28 Warnings
Day-29 Z-Drugs
Day-30 Summary

I request you all to participate in the discussion and improve your clinical knowledge.