It is my dream to start an Educational website after I created a successful concept clear youtube channel so that I could share the medical knowledge with all of you.

I love to teach Medical subjects and I always try to make the concepts easier.  My main focuses on teaching Basic medical sciences, Pharmacy and Nursing concepts.

Currently, I am doing Masters in Pharmaceutical Regulatory affairs in Ireland


I started my facebook fan page in 2017. We are a small lovely community of more than 600 members and its growing every day. I regularly post my updates here. It’s such a beautiful platform to interact with all of you.


I started my youtube career on 14/8/16. I had a small lovely community of more than 3600 members. I uploaded more than 60 Medical lectures on various subjects. I had a watch time of more than 6000 hours on my channel


  • To Restructure the way of learning
  • To provide a clinical perspective of what’s actually most important to learn.
  • Not wasting any more time in searching for Ebooks
  • To have a strong foundation in dealing with clinical cases
  • To have up to date knowledge on drugs
  • To be aware of the latest medical and health news

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From the bottom of my heart, I thank all of you for having trust in the concept clear and I will strive my best to give you the best output.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       THANK YOU

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